Are waterproof shade sails any good? How do you stop water pooling? Can a waterproof shade sail be used as a carport?


Are waterproof shade sails any good? How do you stop water pooling? Can a waterproof shade sail be used as a carport?

Are waterproof shade sails any good? How do you stop water pooling? Can a waterproof shade sail be used as a carport? Click here for more info

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Shade sails are an increasingly popular choice for gardens across Australia, providing flexible and impressive levels of shade to you, your plants, and even your swimming pool. The quality of shade sails and their ability to block the sun’s harmful rays is not in doubt. But how good are waterproof shade sails? And can they actually block out the rain half as well as they do the sun? 

Read on to discover all you need to know about waterproof shade sails to help you decide if they might be the best choice for your garden…

Are waterproof shade sails any good?

Waterproof shade sails, much like their less waterproof forebears, are made of fabric that is anchored between fixed points so as to provide shade from the sun where you want it. You can choose to use the roof, poles, or other structures to attach your shade sail to, keeping the tension between anchors so that it is held in place.

Unlike normal shade sails, waterproof shade sails are made from only waterproof materials, offering protection from rain as well as the sun. They can cost a little more than a normal shade sail, but they provide twice the value back by carrying out a useful role come rain or shine. Some of the main benefits of waterproof shade sails are:

  • They can last longer than normal shade sails – their waterproof nature means that they are less likely to be worn by the weather, though severe storms and high winds can still pose a slight danger. As long as you take down your shade sail in extreme weather if needed, and keep it well maintained, it will last and last for many seasons to come.
  • They provide the best protection – there aren’t many options out there that can provide protection from the sun and the rain, especially if you don’t want the hassle or expense of building a whole roof. Waterproof shade sails give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the outside, even when the rain would normally have forced you to head inside.
  • They can protect more than just you – a waterproof shade sail is a top choice to cover your swimming pool, as well as any areas of the garden that you want to keep covered from both the sun and the rain.
  • They are resistant to mould and bacteria – waterproof shade sails are made of material that is more resistant to mould, keeping your shade sail looking unblemished. They are also easy to clean and take care of, meaning you can keep your shade sail looking better for longer.
  • They look incredible – shade sails are an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your garden, making it look more appealing to you, but also to potential buyers in the future. They are an investment in that future, as well as adding huge value to your daily life. 

The one other main potential drawback to waterproof shade sails, along with the increased cost, is that there aren’t always as many options for colours and designs. Often less than there are with ordinary shade sails. That is why it is so important to pick a top-quality company like Rainbow Shades on the Gold Coast, where you are sure to find the waterproof shade sail of your dreams.

How do you stop water pooling on a shade sail?

Even when you have bought a waterproof shade sail, if it is installed incorrectly you can find that water pools and causes issues in the long run. Not the least of which is that water eventually builds up, releasing, and soaking you from head to toe. Proper installation is absolutely essential for your shade sail. Not only to avoid water pooling, but also so that it looks good, and stays that way.

The best ways to stop water pooling on a shade sail are:

  • Provide the proper amount of tension – shade sails work by being stretched and anchored between different points. If they are not stretched tight enough, the fabric can dip, allowing water to pool in the space that is left. If your shade sail is properly tensioned, it won’t be able to bunch, and water won’t gather.
  • Provide the right angle – your shade sail also needs to be angled properly, so that instead of lying flat over your garden, it tilts slightly. This way, water will run off more easily. It will also better block the sun with the right angle, and will look fantastic. More like the ship’s sail that it is named for. 
  • Adjust the angle – it may be that your shade sail was installed correctly, but over time the angle needs adjusting. Creating a steeper slope can help water to run off quicker, preventing a build-up that can lead to a big splash.
  • Add poles or supports – if your shade sail is particularly large or prone to dipping, adding extra poles or supports can help it to regain its tension, and prevent water from pooling.

Can a waterproof shade sail be used as a carport?

Another huge bonus of choosing a waterproof shade sail over your garden’s variety of non-waterproof materials is the extra protection it provides. A normal shade sail would never work as a carport, as rain would permeate and cause harm to the vehicles over time. A waterproof shade sail will protect your car in most types of weather, making it an excellent choice for a carport.

A waterproof shade sail is also a far cheaper option than many of the others when it comes to a place for your car. Building a garage can be very expensive, and can also require planning permission, with many hurdles to overcome. Installing a waterproof shade sail is the far less expensive and simpler option.

Final thoughts

Waterproof shade sails are an excellent choice for your commercial space, garden, or even as a carport. They protect against the sun and the rain, giving you the freedom to enjoy your outside space the way you want, for longer.

If you are considering the best kind of shade for your home or business, have a look at some of the amazing waterproof shade sails available to you.